4. Copying Folders/ Inbox

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Introduction: This is the section where you will be copying over all of your email's to your new Gmail account. First I will explain how to copy over any folders you have ie. "receipts, trash, home" etc. Second I will explain how to copy your inbox. Lastly if you want, I will show you how to move your inbox emails in Gmail. *NOTE: to move emails in Gmail you must first do Step 2 (Move them in outlook) * In this walkthrough we will be using outlook to transfer over emails. If you need to use an alternate method, you may have to do some research. Gmail has some good tutorials you can find.


1.) Copying over Folders


1.       Right click on the folder you want to copy and choose ‘copy Folder’



2.       Choose your new Gmail account from the list and press ‘ok’

Machine generated alternative text: Move Folder Move the selected folder to the folder: Outbox Rss Feeds Suggested Contacts Tasks test folder Trash iCIoud Ifsci.testing@gmail.com Ifsci.testing@gmail.com "V Inbox (I) [Gmail] Outbox Sync Issues This computer only) nutch5bros@icIoud.com Cancel


3.       Repeat for all folders that you wish to copy to your Gmail account.


2.) Copying over Inbox in Outlook


1.      This time right click on your old inbox, and then choose ‘Copy folder’



2.      Scroll down to your new Gmail address and click on your Inbox. In this example mine is lfsci.testing@gmail.com



3.      Depending on the size of your inbox this may take a long time



4.      When the copy is finished you will notice that a new ‘Inbox-Copy’ folder has appeared under your new Gmail Inbox.



5.       If you wish to have all of your inbox subfolders moved from the copy to your new inbox, then click and drag those folders to your new inbox.




6.      Once you have dragged all of your subfolder from your old inbox to your new one you can delete the ‘Inbox – Copy’ folder.


7.       You’re done! You should now have all of your old emails copied over!




3.) Copying over Inbox in Gmail (Optional)


Intro: If you use Gmail often, it may bother you that your copied inbox is in a different place then your main inbox. If you want to the rest of this article explains how to make your online Gmail look a little nicer. THIS IS NOT REQUIRED, proceed if you are particular about organization like I am.


1.       If you use Gmail without outlook you will notice that the emails are still in an inbox-copy folder


2.       If you want to move your emails in Gmail as well, press the select all checkbox in the upper left-hand corner. Then click on the ‘Select all …. Conversations in ….”


3.       Click and drag from anywhere on the yellow highlighted emails and drop on your inbox.


4.       Click ok to the next pop-up message



5.       Your Emails are now all in your inbox folder!

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