Yeo, Danny

Job Title: IT Director

Major: M.S. in Computer Science



I direct a team of full-time IT professionals who work with and also manage part-time IT employees in providing IT support to the faculty and staff of the College of Life Sciences. We handle all aspects of computing including a help/service desk call center, web/application development, server and storage management as well as engineering efforts to implement new technology to meet the needs in the College.

I serve on 3 advisory boards/committees at the university level and along with my colleagues, we tackle decisions on the technologies, standards and best practices implemented at the larger enterprise arena. This is a very demanding position but rewarding just as well. I enjoy the work environment and the interaction with wonderful people at the university.

My employees have also communicated verbally their enjoyment in working in our environment and expressed great job satisfaction. I truly believe in the quote from Kenneth Blanchard's "One Minute Manager" book where he shares the concept that, "People who feel good about themselves, produce good results." Along with great work ethics, we aim to provide the best IT support for our areas of responsibilities.


Business negotiations, IT employee management, conflict resolution, server architecture, etc. 

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Macintosh Computer Support Expert 20+ Years
PC Computer Support Expert 20+ Years
ASP.NET (C#, VB, etc...) Intermediate 3 Years
JavaScript (Client Side Web Scripting) Intermediate 3 Years
Perl Scripting Novice/Beginner 2 Years
PHP Scripting Novice/Beginner 2 Years
Web Server Administration (IIS, Apache) Advanced 18+ Years
Windows Domain Administration/Active Directory Advanced 18+ Years
IT Management and Training Expert 18+ Years
Linux Administration Advanced 8 Years
Networking Advanced 18+ Years
VMware Technologies Advanced 12 Years
Confilict Resolution Expert 18+ Years
Java Advanced 3 Years
Linux Advanced 15 Years
C/C++ Intermediate 3 Years