Ripplinger, Taylor

Job Title: Web Developer


I was born and raised in South Jordan, Utah.  I love sports, music and being outdoors. Before my mission in Frankfurt, Germany, I attended Snow College for a year. After my mission, I finished my Associates Degree of Science at Snow and came to BYU. I am a German Major, with an IT minor and plan to go into IT security at UVU after I graduate at BYU.

 I have had just about 2 years of technical experience in the IT department for the life sciences and have loved it. I enjoy troubleshooting and fixing problems, as well as developing new websites and giving them functionality. I've had a number of computer jobs and enjoy working with computers and learning new things about them. 





C++ Intermediate 1.5
C Novice <1
Microsoft Office Advanced 5+
IT Security Intermediate 1
Network Management Novice/Intermediate 1
Troubleshooting Intermediate/Advanced 2
C# Novice/Intermediate 1
HTML Intermediate 2
Javascript Intermediate 2