Perry, Michael

Job Title: Full stack Mobile/Web Developer

Major: Masters in Information Systems Managment


Idaho is my home state. I am a Masters student in the Information Systems major (MISM) with a development emphasis. My technical and professional goal and purpose is to obtain as many skills as possible and become a dynamic and valuable employee. 





VBA Intermediate 2
jQuery Intermediate 2
JavaScript Intermediate 2
Java Beginner 1
C# Intermediate 1.5
D3.js Intermediate .5
HTLM Intermediate 2
CSS Intermediate 2
Cordova Intermediate 1
Python Intermediate 1
Django Intermediate 1
Mako Intermediate 1
UI Libraries (eg. Bootstrap) Intermediate 1
Swfit 2 Intermediate 1
iOS Development Intermediate 1
Web Services (REST APIs, JSON, XML) Intermediate 1
three.js Beginner .5
Android Beginner .5