Roberts, Marcia

Job Title: Web Developer


I grew up in Mesa Arizona, and have always had an interest in technology. In high school, I participated in my High School Robotics team, programming in LabView and Java and wiring the bot. I also ran their blog and updated it using the CMS. I also ran a popular tumblr blog, which I designed and formatted and regularly updated the design of using HTML and CSS (my first introduction to web programming). This blog gave me plenty of opportunity to develop my Photoshop skills as well.

After coming to BYU to major in Computer Engineering, I was given the opportunity to be a research assistant in the Electrical Engineering Department writing code in Python to use and modify FPGAs. I enjoyed my work there, but was happy to transition to web programming again!








C++ Advanced 3
HTML/CSS Intermediate 5
Angular JS Inntermediate <1
Javascript Novice <1
ASP.NET Novice <1
Photoshop Intermediate 4
Python Intermediate 1
Java Novice 2