Roberts, Marcia

Job Title: Web Developer


I grew up  on a very small farm in Mesa, Arizona - so the desert will always be my home.  I grew up loving tech and enjoyed playing around with it in all incarnations (I worked installing security systems and speakers, and even participated in a robotics team in high school). My one true love, though has always been the internet. I graduated from High School in 2014 and attended Mesa Community College for a year and a half, before transferring to BYU to major in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science. I plan to go on to study Patent Law after I receive my degree.


I love anything art related and enjoy painting,  drawing, and photography in my spare time. I'm also a giant softy when it comes to animals of any type- a product of growing up taking care of so many, I think. I currently own a 3 year old beta-fish named QWERTY, with plans to expand my menagerie as soon as housing allows. I also love everything having to do with music, and have been playing violin since I was 6. I'm not a huge fan of sports in general, but I do enjoy running and hiking. My favorite thing to do however, is spend time with my friends and family.







C++ Advanced 3
HTML/CSS Intermediate 5
Angular JS Beginner <1
Javascript Beginner <1
ASP.NET Beginner <1
Photoshop Intermediate 4