Segovia, Leo

Job Title: Endpoint Solutions Engineer

Major: Electrical Engineering


I'm originally from São Paulo Brazil. I enjoy anything related to technology. I'm currently majoring in Electrical Engineering with emphasis in Semiconductor Devices and Microelectronics.

After returning from my mission in Fortaleza Brazil, I saved up money to come to Utah to study English and then to study here at BYU. I love having the opportunity to study in a world-class university with standards that help me become a better person and professional.

I currently work setting up various Linux/Unix systems and I'm always trying to learn new things.

I'm very grateful for having the opportunity to work with all faculty and staff in this college.
So, if you ever walk by me you can greet me by saying: - Oi, Tudo Bem? (Hi, how are you?) and I will be glad to teach you new words in Portuguese or fix any of your systems.