Owens, Lindsey

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Homepage: wordmewrite.com

Major: English


I was born and raised in the magical land of Orlando, Florida. I started at BYU after High School graduation in 2012. I then served a mission in the Washington Vancouver Mission from 2014-2015. I'm an English major with minors in Design, Creative Writing, and Digital Humanities. I'll graduate in April 2018 then begin my pursuit of an MFA in Creative Writing.


Before working on the Life Science's Web Team, I worked as a First-Year Mentor for BYU. My job involved meeting daily with students, having crucial conversations, and working with students to better themselves through educational and personal goals.


I took interest in web/graphic design while I was in middle school. I learned the basics of Photoshop on my own and have since added other Adobe products to my knowledge base, thanks to the classes I've taken at BYU. My Design and Digital Humanities minors have fueled my love for media design.


My hobbies include reading, writing, and photography. I currently run a product photography account on social media along with a blog based off of books and writing. I aspire to become a traditionally published author.





HTML Intermediate 11
CSS Intermediate 10
Adobe Photoshop Advanced 8
Adobe InDesign Advanced 3
Adobe Illustrator Novice 1
Adobe Lightroom Intermediate >1
Studio Photography Intermediate 1
Photography Intermediate 2
WordPress Intermediate 5
Copyfitting Intermediate 2
Adobe XD Novice >1
American Sign Language Advanced 6