Owens, Lindsey

Job Title: Graphic Designer

Major: English


I was born and raised in the magical land of Orlando, Florida. Yes, I was that kid who went to Disney a lot. From a young age I learned to love magic and adventure. I’m always up for trying new things, which explains why I did a lot when I was a kid. I was a competitive dancer for twelve years, I did some acrobatics, I played the clarinet, tenor sax, and cello, and I was in my high school choir as well as the Women’s Chorus here at BYU. Reading and writing are also a big part of my life. Not only that, but toward the end of middle school I started toying around with Photoshop and HTML/CSS. The results were horrific, but I loved every minute of it. That’s what started me down the path of web design.


I started at BYU after High School graduation in 2012. I then served a mission in the Washington Vancouver Mission and returned in the year 2015. I’m currently and English major with minors in Design, Digital Humanities, and Creative Writing.


I aspire to continue down the path of web design and develop skills in UI/UX.