Hickman, Jarod

Job Title: Computer Systems Technician

Major: Information Technology


I was born in Elkhorn Wisconsin, but I call Saint George Utah home. I like to call myself the white sheep of a black sheep family; my parents and siblings all pursued careers in writing, film, or other art mediums, while I've always been interested in science and politics.

Information technology is my passion, not only because it lets me give service to others, but because it gives me insight into how the world works at large. Information is a resource worth more than gold, and I love understanding how to manipulate that resource.

My interests outside of technology include tennis, chess, writing, theatre, politics, philosophy, and economics. I plan to graduate with a bachelors in IT (security emphasis) April 2019.

My Favorite quote: "Quis custodiet ipsos custodies?" or "Who watches the watchmen?"