Forbush, Talon

Job Title: Windows Scripting and Automation Engineer

Major: Information Technology


I was born in a Murray, UT and moved around until we ended up in Ely, NV where my family has been for the last 15 years. I am the penultimate of 5 children. We are a very close family. I became fascinated with computers at an early age and so began studying them on my own time in high school. As a side project, I taught myself how to set up private gaming servers for games that I wanted to play but didn't have internet access to be able to play. As a senior in 2009 I took the A+ Certification exams and became an A+ Certified Professional IT Technician.

I graduated high school in 2009 and then came to BYU for a year before serving a full time mission in Guatemala. After returning, I was hired by OIT to be on-site technical support in the ASB under Ben Holmes. I worked there from January 2013 to November 2015, when I was offered a position with LFSCI IT as part of the Windows Engineering Team.

I discovered that Information Technology is a major offered at BYU after returning from my mission and so declared it as my major shortly after. As of February 2016, I am a Junior in the program and am planning on finishing in about 2 years. As of the same time, I do not have any declared minor.

Having such interest in computers, some of my natural past-times include playing rpg's--especially sci-fi and fantasy--and keeping up on some of the cool gadgets that are coming out.





Comptia A+ Certified Professional IT Technician Certified 8+ Years
Microsoft SCCM Intermediate 3+ Years
Powershell and Batch Scripting Advanced 2+ Years